About EnrichIt!

Enrichment Program for everyone

EnrichIt! was established in 2007 and has continued to grow into a program for students, parents and families!  The purpose of EnrichIt! is to strive to enrich education through a wide variety of experiences. The advantage of enhancing the theory with hands-on learning methods is that students grasp difficult concepts more easily when they are having fun and seeing the theory bloom into something they created. Many EnrichIt! activities may act as motivation for long term student success as they take part in activities that challege them and broaden their horizons through a variety of fun and interactive opportunities.

EnrichIt! helps build communities providing a safe and welcoming environment for newcomers and people from all diverse backgrounds.  It has also lead to numerous achievements in literacy, science, math, physical education,  and more!

EnrichIt! activities are age appropriate and motivate students to extend their interest beyond the Ontario Curriculum. They contribute to a well rounded education.

For more information, contact enrichit@olivegroveschool.ca

Learning is fun!

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